About Communities

I wrote this poem a while ago, and have decided to share it with you.

How can we have anarchy
if we don’t have the common courtesy to think before we do things that affect how someone feels?
I really want to live this life that is our fantasy
I don’t know if we can do it unless we all get real

We should all love each other
And act like we’re all brothers
Protect each other from pain

All I can see is the fading reality
Aiding brutality
that leave each other’s hearts out in the cold
Our lack of common courtesy mistaken for being rebellious and bold

I want a warm heart open wide so I can heal your veins
To have a love for humanity that extends to whoever I can contain
I want to float out of my body in intellectual curiosity
Form new connections with an ever growing vitality

We will someday laugh at the jokes of those situations where we had expectations that just left us broken
Our only regret will be those things said too much, and those other things left unspoken

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