The Best Bin Laden Jokes so far

Please add to the collection by posting your commentary below.

Before you start complaining about the jokes, do realize that laughter is great medicine for tragedy, and this in no way is meant to minimize the horrible crimes this man has committed against the world.

Best Jokes so far (look them up on twitter for sources):

Osama Bin Laden was found trapped in Donald Trump’s hair

Donald Trump has demanded the long-form death certificate

Osama Bin Laden: Best Player of Hide and Seek ever!!

Waldo: 1 Osama Bin Laden: 0

RT @BarackObama I just unlocked the “Killed Osama bin Laden” badge on @foursquare

It would be funny if Obama came to the podium wearing a bloody shirt with a severed ashy foot in his hand and said ” yea I got that motherf**ker”

To recap Obama’s Saturday, he authorized the mission to kill Bin Laden, then went out and cracked jokes about Donald Trump

“Osama Bin Laden is dead. Apparently died laughing after seeing Princess Beatrice’s hat at #royalwedding

I’ve never seen this many white people rioting before.

Osama bin Laden just ousted Adolf Hitler as the mayor of Hell on Foursquare

We gonna find you…

Gotta make my mind up, which virgin should I take?

That’s right kids, @ZombieOBL  and  @GhostOsama

Well this sucks…I accidentally enabled location on my tweets.

Now we might eat fish, that ate OBL and I’ll get whiskers!

Apparently Osama Bin Laden’s Compound is getting reviews on Google Maps.

A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead. It’s a real Disney weekend here on earth.

Most interesting man in the world: When asked by a reporter about the Breaking News: “I don’t usually kill terrorists, but when I do, it’s Osama Bin Laden.”

wtg FOX news:

Where’s the ‘classic’ next-door neighbour quote from Pakistan??!! “…he was a quiet kinda guy, who kept himself to himself”

in an earlier day we would have buried him face down wrapped in bacon.

Now that bin Laden’s dead, can we put shampoo in our carry on? Can I keep my shoes on? Can we bring all the troops home?

Just got confirmation: #Osama was the only Bin to have got taken out on this bank holiday Monday.

“Black male in Washington, DC. confesses to sneaking into old man’s mansion, killing him and dumping the body.”

What I think:

Osama Bin Laden is about to kill twitter, even from beyond the grave, he’s still feisty.

Bin Laden must not have noticed the warning sticker Verizon placed about the iPhone’s location tracking.

I hope the last song he heard was Friday by Rebecca Black

Bin Laden now swims with deh fishes…

3 thoughts on “The Best Bin Laden Jokes so far

  1. Knock! Knock! Who,s There? The Navy Seals!!!,Seals? Seals Who?! SEALS YOUR FATE FOOL!! BAM-BAM!!!!

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