A Message to Graduates and Students

Hello college students and graduates!

Despite this horrible economy and atrocious job market, your education is still worth it, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

At the very least, Uncle Sam bought you a 4 year vacation where you were allowed to freely pursue learning and doing what your heart desired.

Despite the enormous burden of student debt, they can’t repossess your education nor your experiences, so spend that money on yourself before the boomers that got us into this mess retire and spend it on new livers. (I kid, boomers, I kid, I love you mom and dad).

So, congratulations kids! For those of you who are graduating, I hope you have enjoyed that 4 year vacation, and that you are blessed with entrance into graduate school. For those of you that will be cursed into the job market, good luck, god speed, and I would love fries with that.

A cynical idealist

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